Important Notes for Camping at Farm Godeis

Welcome to our exclusive camping spot in the middle of the Khomas Hochland.

Please keep the following points in mind, so that we all can enjoy it for many more years to come!


    We provide you with FREE FIRE WOOD for the duration of your stay at the campsite. In return we ask you to PLEASE take all your rubbish (including your cigarette buds) with you when you leave. Also, please don’t take any leftover firewood with you – it’s not good camping manners. You are welcome to buy extra wood from us at N$3/kg which you can take home.
    When out on the hiking trails, please leave nothing on the trials except your footprints.
  • PETS
    Dogs/Pets are very welcome on Farm Godeis but please keep them under control. If they hunt or kill any wildlife – we will have to stop allowing dogs and you will ruin it for future guests! Please also remove any obvious litter from them around the campsite area.
    Please stick to designated fire spots and as fires are always a risk when camping. Please be vigilant at all times especially on windy days. Continuously watch for flying sparks/burning coals. Never leave the fire out of sight. We have provided you with Fire extinguishing flappers – they are between the Braai and dishwashing area.
    Namibia is a dry country and water very precious – so it is on Farm Godeis! We have to transport all the water with the tractor from the house to the campsite which is a very time consuming and also a dangerous endeavour in these mountains so PLEASE use water sparingly. The water is safe to drink. When you go hiking, please take along at least 2l of water with for the 7km and 3l for the 16km. There is NO possibility to refill drinking water along the way. Although each trail has a dam on route which currently has water but they can also be dry. (Dated 16.10.17)
    Please respect the wildlife and nature around you! With a little luck you can witness a lot of game coming to the waterhole or when hiking in this area like Zebra, Oryx, Kudu, Eland, Warthogs, Springbuck, Baboons, Klipspringer, lots of birds or even the rare sight of a Leopard. PLEASE DO NOT FEED ANY WILDLIFE WITH ANYTHING AT ANYTIME!!! This will create chaos in future with animals not respecting your belongings anymore and we do not want that to happen!
    YES we do have snakes and scorpions around the campsite too. You are in the bush so please be careful and observant – wear appropriate shoes.

Please leave everything the way you found and we are certain you will enjoy your stay with us.