Farm Godeis offers one (1) day hiking trails and forms part of the six (6) day “Khomas Hochland Hiking Trail” which where all mapped out and designed by HOSA (Hiking Organisation South Africa). These trails wind through rugged river beds, up and down some incredible mountain ranges and through impressive gorges. Spectacular views and a vast selection of wildlife will accompany you on your hiking encounter with Namibia’s raw nature.

Godeis Weekend Trails

Gather a group of friends and nature enthusiasts and drive in your 4×4 or Sedan to the farm on Friday after work – only 70 km west from Windhoek (± 1.5h travel time). Settle in at the charming Godeis campsite around a fire and get a good night’s rest before tackling the Leopard Hike early the next morning after a nourishing breakfast and a good cup of coffee. Contact us and book now.

Leopard Hike

We recommend you hike this marked trail first, as it’s the longest and the most challenging of the trails. The trail starts off fairly easy along the Campsite Access Road, over the Pothole Klip and through Leopard Gorge before tackling the Lonely Aloe and taking your first well deserved break at the Damsitplek. Your journey then continues along Zebra Walk, taking the spectacular Moringa Draai ascent to the inspiring and breath-taking Godeis’ View Point – your highest climb of the day. Here you can refuel on the snacks you brought along. The steep winding decent to Lekker man Lekker Rus requires concentration and awareness.
Please be aware of slippery rocks!
Don’t forget to look up and take in the beauty of this exceptional trail when passing the Leopardfall Cave and making your way to another well-deserved rest at Klitgrasdoringboom. Oppikoppi, Windgat Witgat and the Kraglynklim will take you to the Double Aloe Window where you can play with your photographic ingenuity. Grootuilboom Rus is the second last rest, from here your homestretch continues through and along the big dry Otjimpaue River which can also hold water during rainy months. Big camelthorn trees will shade your last stretch along Rosty Watergat and the Otjimpaue Waterholes. Once you have crossed the Springbokvlakte and Godeis’ Window, Flintstones Café can almost serve you that well deserved ice cold drink that awaits you only a few more 100m around the corner at the campsite.
Put up your feet and feel accomplished?
To finish this dazzling day – enjoy the spectacular views from the Sundowner Spot with your favourite drink and snacks.

Dassie Hike

The shorter of the one (1) day trails is perfect for the Sunday (after the longer Leopard Hike on Saturday), have limited time, or if you are a beginner hiker and your fitness levels are average.
This trail starts off with a fairly steep climb up to Bakkies’ Uitsig and furthermore to the Camp View Point. Be aware of loose rocks!
Zebra Down takes you to Bobbejaan Rest. The Klippspringer Couch is a rock that stands out and if lucky you can see klippspringers warming up in the hardly noticeable sunrays of a crisp winter morning. The Jesus’ Tree proves the congruity of the name – it lived, it died and it lives again!
The High Black Eagle Nest requires a bit of a scouts’ eye to find, but the scrambling along this distinctive gorge will be astonishing in itself. Once you have reached Uitloopdam Rus, a minor rise will take you over Suntan Turn and your adventure concludes past Skeleton Cave to the stunning